Mahindra BE 05: The Future of Electric Coupes

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Today, we’ll be exploring everything we know about Mahindra’s upcoming electric coupe, set to launch in India in October 2025.

Yes, we are talking about the all new and the future beast Mahindra BE 05! Let’s have a quick walkaround and gather some information about this beauty.

mahindra be 05 model

About Mahindra BE 05

The Mahindra BE 05 is a sleek, coupe-styled electric SUV that’s set to make waves in the automotive industry. This car is to be estimated price ranging from ₹ 17.00 to ₹ 21.00 lakhs.

Mahindra BE 05 promises to bring style, innovation, and performance at a competitive price. The BE 05 will compete with well-known models like the Honda Elevate, Honda City, Hyundai Creta N Line, Hyundai Verna, and Volkswagen Taigun.


Let’s have a quick look at the Mahindra BE 05’s specifications:

Specification Details
Estimated Price ₹ 17.00 – 21.00 Lakhs
Monthly EMI ₹ 34,470 onwards (estimated)
Expected Launch Date October 2025
Length 4,370mm
Width 1,900mm
Height 1,653mm
Wheelbase 2,775mm
Platform INGLO
Battery Capacity 60kWh – 80kWh
Charging 175kW fast charging, 80% charge in 30 minutes
Range Up to 450 kilometers (WLTP-rated)
Powertrain Options Rear-wheel drive (up to 285PS), All-wheel drive (up to 394PS)
Interior Features Over-the-air updates, head-up display, panoramic sunroof, advanced driver assistance system

Design and Dimensions

The length of Mahindra BE 05 is 4370mm, it is 1900mm in width, and 1653mm in height.  It has a wheelbase of 2775mm.

These dimensions place it in the same bucket of the popular compact SUVs, but with a coupe twist that adds to its sporty and modern looks.

The aerodynamic design, featuring an Aero Bridge on the bonnet and air curtains on the bumper, ensures a smooth and efficient driving experience.

Interior and Technology

Inside, the Mahindra BE 05 offers a minimalist and premium feel. The cabin is designed to be user-friendly with a functional dashboard and premium upholstery. Key features include:

  • Over-the-air updates: Ensures your car’s software is always up-to-date.
  • Head-up display: Keeps crucial information right in your line of sight.
  • Panoramic sunroof: Adds a sense of space and luxury.
  • Advanced driver assistance system: Enhances safety and convenience.

Performance and Power

The BE 05 will be available with two powertrain options:

  • Rear-wheel drive: Offers up to 285PS.
  • All-wheel drive: Delivers up to 394PS.

The INGLO platform, which underpins the BE 05, supports battery capacities from 60kWh to 80kWh, providing a WLTP-rated range of up to 450 kilometers. Fast charging capability allows the battery to reach 80% in just 30 minutes, making it convenient for long trips.


The Mahindra BE 05 is set to be a game-changer in an electric vehicle market.

Mahindra BE 05 offers a compelling option for anyone looking to go electric with its advanced technology, cutting-edge design and impressive performance specifications.

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