London Tech Week 2024: All You Need To Know

Looking into what’s coming next in technology is always of a great interest for tech professionals. Though there are many resources to get such tech updates, attending offline tech conferences brings in lot of benefits.

And not to mention, there are many technology events that happens more often at national and international level.

london tech week 2024

In this article, I am exploring tech event happening at Olympia (Kensington), London. This event is known as London Tech Week. It will take place from 10th June to 14th June.

The global technology festival units the most innovative thinkers and tomorrow’s talent to showcase the business and society transformation driven by technology.

London is Europe’s acknowledged technology capital where the tech sector contributes to more than 589,000 jobs across the city and that’s why London Tech Week festival was started in 2014.

Global leaders will share their expertise and knowledge in Europe’s leading technology hub across hundreds of venues.

Speakers for the London Tech Week 2024:

  • Michelle Donelan, MP – Secretary of State, Department of Science, Innovation & Technology
  • Nicola Hodson – Chief Executive, UK & Ireland, IBM
  • Clare Barclay – CEO, Microsoft UK
  • Kate Ryder – Founder & CEO, Maven
  • John Serafini – CEO, HawkEye360
  • Ann Francke Obe – CEO, Chartered Management Institute
  • Jennifer Garrison – Co-Founder & Executive Director, Productive Health (GCRLE)
  • Steve Blank – Father of Modern Entrepreneurship
  • Hanno Renner – Co-founder & CEO, Personio
  • Hilmar Petursson – CEO, CCP Games

The above mentioned are just a few of the key speakers who will be sharing the stage of this biggest technology event and there are many more in the list. Moreover, many famous personalities will be part of this festival as an ambassador and it includes Alex Mahon (CEO, Channel 4), Derya Matras (Vice President – UK, Northern Europe, Middle East & Africa, Meta), Brent Hoberman CBE (Founders Forum Group), John Boumphrey (UK Country Manager, Amazon), Zahra Bahrololoumi (EVP & CEO UKI, Salesforce) and more.

Why should you attend London Tech Week 2024?

As I have mentioned in my last few articles, technology events offer the best opportunity to gain meaningful insights, inspiration and connections that are essential to thrive in the global tech ecosystem.

London tech week also offers platform where entrepreneurs, visionaries, enterprise tech leaders and investors come together to accelerate the infinite cycle of tech innovation.

Last year’s London Tech Week 2023 event in numbers can be described as; 30,000 plus attendees, 350 plus speakers, 3,500 plus investors and 70 plus events. Well, this year’s numbers are also very impressive which suggests the popularity of this tech festival across the world.

Key features of London Tech Week:

  • 45,000 attendees across the week
  • 75 hours of content
  • 5,000 plus start-ups
  • 1,000 plus investors
  • Top speakers
  • Networking opportunity via app

The tech event provides ample opportunities for start-ups, enterprise tech leaders, and investors. It is one of the best platforms to hear from leading founders, government ministers, enterprise tech leaders and investors from all over the globe.

It encompasses 5 content stages where you can get new perspectives on what’s next in tech. An immersive expo allows you to see the next generation of tech coming to life and also the floor to connect with the world’s leading solution providers.

What are the key themes of London Tech Week 2024?

You can uncover the latest innovation with visionary insights from cross-industry leaders, explore the start-up ecosystem and witness the powerful conversations on social impact from the biggest industry names. Besides, following are some the key themes of the London Tech Week:

Key Theme Importance
Artificial Intelligence As AI takes the ecosystem by storm, we’re looking into the ethics and real-world implications, kindling innovation and enhancing efficiency.
The Future of Security and Data Securing data and privacy has never been more vital, examine cutting-edge dangers, proactive solutions and ethical duty.
Tomorrow’s Talent Come talk about the future workforce as we address upskilling, talent retention, and lifelong learning as ways to get ready for the changing employment market.
The Deep Tech Revolution Examine cutting-edge advancements in biotechnology, AI, and other fields as deep tech transforms our industry and advances human potential.
Green Innovation Dive into how we’re leveraging tech for a thriving world — discover eco-solutions, circularity and a sustainable future as we merge tech and business.
Empowering Entrepreneurship Come explore the ins and outs of creating a successful business as we delve into the details of igniting innovation, constructing endeavors, and upending the future.
Healthier Futures With data-driven methods, technology is revolutionizing healthcare, democratizing access to medication, and maximizing better, longer lives.
Social Impact Bringing about constructive change via creativity, inclusivity, and long-term fixes. Learn how technology is generating long-lasting change and multiplying influence.


The annual London Tech Week event happening in the month of June. It brings together thousands of tech enthusiasts to network and learn at demonstrations, workshops, debates, meetups and parties.

The importance of this event is flourishing beyond recognition in the last five years. Creating thousands of jobs and outdoing the rest of the economy.

Whether you want to discover the latest in AI, quantum, fintech, cyber, martech, cleantech or createch- London Tech Event covers everything for you. Moreover, you’ll get to know about the breakthroughs which will create technologies we haven’t even got a name for yet.

Would you like to be a part of London’s exciting tech scene during this annual event? Do let us know in the comments.

Visit official site of London Tech Week to learn more about the festival.

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