Dublin Tech Summit 2024 – All You Need To Know

Having a strong network is one of the essential factors when it comes to grow your business. Especially, in this tech driven world, if you don’t have powerful connections, you won’t be able to outshine the competitors.

So, what are the different ways to get connected with a number of individuals from your industry?

dublin tech summit 2024

Your family and friends are the first important networking resource that you should never ignore, no matter which business you own!

The second important aspect in this list is about attending the networking events that helps to get you in front of industry leaders. Well, if you are in the tech industry, technology conferences are just perfect for you.

There are many tech events that take place at national and international level. Some people prefer attending online events whereas some people find it convenient to attend the event in-person.

This blog is very helpful to uncover the secrets of one of such tech event called Dublin Tech Summit which is happening at Dublin, Ireland.

To meet the key players in your industry and make some valuable lasting connections, Dublin Tech Summit (DTS) is one of the ideal events for you.

Being Europe’s fastest growing tech festival, DTS is an ideal hub for tech enthusiasts to network and learn.

Why Dublin Tech Summit is Europe’s most exciting tech festival?

The Dublin Tech Summit is generally held in the last week of May and for this year, DTS24 will take place on 29 May and 30 May, 2024. The venue for DTS24 event is Royal Dublin Society (RDS) on the street Merrion Road in city.

Dublin Tech Summit is Europe’s most exciting festival because it involves key speakers from various tech sectors. Professionals from top notch industries including Microsoft, NASA, Open AI, S4 Capital, IKEA, Google DeepMind, Oculus, the European Space Agency, Oxford University, Shutterstock, Pinterest, Ireland’s Data Protection Commission, and Logitech will take the stage for discussing innovative tech insights.

Here is the list of some of the key speakers of DTS24:

  • Omar Hatamleh (Chief Advisor, Artificial Intelligence & Innovation- NASA)
  • Eímear Noone (Conductor and Award-Winning Irish Composer)
  • Emma Redmond (Associate General Counsel, Privacy and Data Protection- Open AI)
  • Sir Martin Sorrell (Founder and Executive Chairman- S4 Capital)
  • Colin Murdoch (Chief Business Officer- Google DeepMind)
  • Jack McCauley (Innovator-in-Residence, Berkeley University Co-founder, Oculus)
  • Audrey Berquand (ESA Research Fellow | Natural Language Processing, Language Models & Knowledge Graphs for Space- European Space Agency)
  • Tolga Öncü (Ingka Retail Manager, COO, IKEA)
  • Jeremy King (SVP & CTO, Pinterest)
  • Sasha Rubel (Head of Public Policy for AI & Machine Learning AWS, EMEA- Amazon)

In addition to the insights from these keynote speakers, Dublin Tech Summit provides opportunities to meet global leaders in technology innovation that helps to define the future of global trends and technologies.

This two day international technology conference attracts thought leaders and innovators from around the globe.

Some features of DTS24:

  • 8000 plus attendees
  • More than 200 international speakers
  • Around 60 countries represented
  • 150 plus start ups
  • More than 80 corporate partners
  • 200 plus global media

Few of the topics that will be covered in this tech summit:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Development
  • AI
  • Deep Tech
  • Machine Learning
  • Space Exploration

It will also include discussions about ‘Tech for Good’ and ‘Diversity in Tech’. All these features turn out Dublin Tech Summit as one of the exciting tech festivals of Europe. Now, you know about the key features of DTS24, let’s check out few more aspects which suggests why should one attend this biggest trade event.

Why DTS24?

  • It presents 4 large stages, niche workshops, live podcasts and best tech learning in Europe.
  • AI Tribes on-demand and previous DTS events on-demand are the two exclusive features for those who can’t attend the event in-person.
  • Offers great opportunity to network with varied industry leaders in a buzzing tech showground.
  • It also provides opportunities for partnerships that helps businesses build brand value and position themselves in the tech industry.
  • With the Accelerate Program, startups can connect to learn from industry leaders.
  • In addition to tech talks and presentations, DTS24 presents the best opportunity to explore Dublin for the things to do in Dublin and also night events that highlight Dublin’s vibrant culture.

To be a part of this tech event, you can look for two ticket options including general tickets and group bookings. The regular fee for this event is € 335 + VAT.

To Wind Up

Be it about expanding your knowledge, learning new skills, connecting with professionals in your field, getting inspired from tech leaders, or staying updated with technology advancements, Dublin Tech Summit has a lot to offer.

So, don’t miss this opportunity that opens the door for your professional development while keeping you connected and updated with latest technological innovations.

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