Black Hat USA 2024: All You Need To Know

Data breaches and cyber threats are on the rise worldwide which makes organizations incur sever losses including the loss of their leadership position. It arises the need of more awareness and technical advancements in this field. Thankfully, Black Hat 2024 is here finally.

blackhat usa 2024

Black Hat is one of the most popular cybersecurity events that was founded in 1997. Moreover, this internationally recognized event series provides the technical information related to cyber security.

The live, in-person Black Hat USA 2024 event series will take place at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. In addition, the dates released for this in-depth security event are August 3 to August 8.

Initially, Black Hat was conducted as a single annual conference. However, in the current scenario, it is cybersecurity industry’s most established and most respected event series worldwide.

The series consists of multi-day events that provide the information about cutting-edge research and developments. Furthermore, it consists of trends to the security community.

Black Hat events showcase content directly from the cybersecurity community through Briefings presentations, Trainings courses, and Summits.

Who should attend Black Hat 2024?

Category Respective Professionals Significance of the Event
Security Practitioners IT Specialists, Security Analysts, Risk Managers, Security Architects/Engineers, Penetration Testers, Security Software Developers, Cryptographers, Programmers, Government Employees ·       Hone your skills with the latest tools and techniques.

·       Explore challenges and success of others in this field.

·       Collaborate on uses for emerging platforms, development models and best practices.

Security Executives, Business Developers and Venture Capitalists CISOs, CEOs, Presidents, Directors, VPs, Consultants ·       Networking with other top information security executives, practitioners and potential investors.

·       Gain knowledge of opportunities in the growing information security industry, while engaging with the community

·       An exclusive gathering of 200 top industry executives and security industry leaders, ignites open conversations and “think tank” style breakout sessions.

Vendor Companies and Sponsors Hardware, Software, Middleware, Services ·       Over 20,000 of the world’s most renowned security experts, executives, and attendees, that create the industry’s most dynamic and concentrated information security community.

·       Unveil your latest and greatest innovations, expertise, services and products over the course of two days.

Career Seekers and Recruiters Seasoned Veterans, Students, Schools, Expanding Companies ·       Offers the opportunity to network with the best new and seasoned talent in the industry.

·       Meet face-to-face with top international experts committed to defining and defending the future of security.

·       Job seekers can meet with the most influential companies and recruiters looking for new hires.

Academia Professors, Students Aged 18+ ·       It provides opportunities to interact with and learn from top industry professionals through conference sessions, networking activities, Business Hall Sessions, and more. Take advantage of the academic rate for students and full-time university professors interested in attending.

The Key Features of Black Hat 2024:

All the Black Hat sessions are scheduled based on the needs of the global security community that helps unite the best minds in the industry. Furthermore, for the professionals at all career levels, this event is an inspiration.

It promotes the growth and collaboration among academia, world-class researchers and leaders in the public and private sectors.

Black Hat Briefings and Trainings (explained below) are held annually in the United States, Asia, and Europe providing premier venues for leading security researchers and trainers where they can find their audience.

Let’s explore a few more features of Black Hat 2024 as follows:

  • The Business Hall

Business Hall features over 350 top solution providers and start-ups of the industry that will showcase the latest tools, products, technologies, platforms, and services supporting the security community.

Business passes provide access to the Keynotes, Arsenal, Sponsored Sessions, Bricks & Picks etc. and will take place from August 7 to August 8. All the pass holders of Black Hat USA 2024 will have access to the Business Hall.

  • Arsenal

This is a space for developers to showcase the latest open source tools and products at the Black Hat platform. An open and conversational environment of Arsenal allows presenters to interact with attendees and provide a hands-on experience.

It offers unique opportunity for participants to connect with other community members and learn about new, cutting-edge research and tools to build up their security toolkits. Introductory Meet Ups and Arsenal Labs allow visitors to tinker with hardware and open-source tools led by tool developers.

  • Briefings

Black Hat Briefings provide unique place for security professionals where they can learn the latest in information security risks, research, and trends. Leading security researchers share their latest work in a friendly and vendor-neutral environment.

A wide range of topics including vulnerabilities within popular consumer devices, critical international infrastructure threats, and many more are covered under briefings.

Highlights of Black Hat 2024 briefings include:

1. Remote, One-Click, Breaking through Smartphones via a Non Well-Known Remote Attack Surface

In this section, instant messaging applications such as iMessage and WhatsApp will be analysed as a significant remote attack surfaces for smartphones. (Spyware often use this as the first step in advanced persistent threat, APT attacks).

Researchers will also underline another major remote attack surface for smartphones i.e. carrier based video calling where they will provide examples to illustrate the potential issues and impacts that may arise within this attack surface.

2. ACE Up the Sleeve: Hacking Into Apple’s New USB-C Controller

ACE3 is a powerful, very custom and TI manufactured chip. The topic will focus on how to use a combination of hardware, firmware, side-channel analysis, reverse-engineering, and fault-injection to gain code-execution on this chip.

It allows further security research on an under-explored but security relevant part of Apple devices.

3. Low Energy to High Energy: Hacking Nearby EV-Chargers Over Bluetooth

In this talk, researchers will explain the vulnerabilities they found in three different EV-chargers during the first Pwn2Own Automotive, the exploits they developed, and specific lessons about Internet of Things (IoT) security.

4. Trainings

It covers individual technical courses on the topics such as penetration testing, exploiting web applications, and defending and building SCADA systems. Moreover, these courses are exclusively designed for Black Hat where you can learn hands-on attack and defense courses from industry and subject matter experts. It helps achieve the goal of defining and defending tomorrow’s information security landscape.

Black Hat 2024 training highlights are:

  1. Elite web application hacking
  2. Black hat machine learning
  3. Adversarial approach – combating social engineering attacks through situational awareness
  4. Advanced malware traffic analysis: adaptive defence – 2024 edition
  • Review Board and Content Selection

Black Hat Review Board advises on strategic direction, reviews conference content and provider unmatched insight into the research community. Moreover, it comprises of over 100 most credible and distinguished security professionals and thought leaders.

All submissions are examined thoroughly for its uniqueness, quality, overall content expertise, and accuracy before selections are made for each event. Only the best submissions from academic-grade papers, proof-of-concept code or video demonstrations are selected.

Black Hat does not allow pay-for-play Briefings and hence always independently select briefing based on above criteria.

Top Sponsors and Partners of Black Hat USA 2024:

Category (Sponsors) Companies
Titanium Armis, CrowdStrike, Qualys, RiskRecon by Mastercard, SentinelOne, ThreatLocker
Diamond Broadcom, Cisco, IBM, KnowBe4, Palo Alto Networks, Sophos, Tenable, Trend Micro
Platinum Plus Appdome, AT&T Cybersecurity, Axonius, Darktrace, Dispel, Fortinet, Microsoft, NETSCOUT
Platinum Apiiro, AppOmni, Aqua Security, Claroty, Dazz, Deepwatch
Gold Plus Abnormal Security, Checkmarx, Cloudflare, Cymulate, DNSFilter, Dynatrace
Gold 1Password, Adaptive Shield, Adlumin, Akamai Technologies, AttackIQ
Silver Plus Airlock Digital, Avalor, Black Kite, Blink Ops, Air Force Civilian Service
Silver Absolute Security, Akeyless, AppViewX, Arista Networks

Besides, there will be Sustaining Partners including Armis, Axonius, CrowdStrike, KnowBe4, ManageEngine, Proofpoint, Qualys, SentinelOne, Snyk, Sophos, Sysdig, Trend Micro etc. and Global Partners including Corellium, Hack The Box, HackerOne, KnowBe4, Snyk, Swimlane, Sysdig, and Varonis.

Registration for Black Hat 2024:

Finally, let’s talk about Briefings Passes

OPTION 1 — In-Person Event at Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV:

Early- $2599 (Ends on May 24)

Regular- $2799 (Ends on July 19)

Late- $3099 (Ends August 2)

On site-$3299 (Ends August 8)

OPTION 2 — On-Demand Access:

Early- $1249 (Ends on May 24)

Regular- $1459 (Ends on July 19)

Late- $1659 (Ends August 2)

On site-$1769 (Ends August 8)

Business Passes

Regular- $749 (Ends August 2)

On site- $799 (Ends August 8)

On-Demand Access (online) is also available in this category, after one week of live event i.e. August 16 – September 16, 2024.

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