Automation Expo 2024 Mumbai: The Future of Industrial Automation

For any industry, showcasing their products or services to the wider audience is always a vital strategy to stay ahead of the curve. Not to mention, specific events provide you with that unique opportunity. E.g. if you are into automation industry, then Automation Expo is the perfect platform for you to showcase latest technologies, systems, and services.

automation expo mumbai 2024

Well, if you are looking for one of such Automation Expo, then here is the good news! In the month of August, Automation Expo will be held at BEC Mumbai which will be a 4 day event. The starting date for the event is 21st August which will conclude on 24.

This event is organised by IED Communications Ltd. (the publisher of Industrial Automation monthly magazine), is the force behind this India’s and Southeast Asia’s biggest Automation Industry Exhibition. It acts as a catalyst for the advancement of technology where it serves as a platform and knowledge hub for its growth.

Automation expo features fields such as factory automation and robotics. This event also provides you an opportunity to explore the Impact of AI & Robotics in process automation & factory automation.

Automation expo unites together industry leaders, innovators, and professionals from around the globe. You can explore and discuss the future of automation with these leaders to;

  • Discover their latest advancements in automation.
  • Witness live demonstrations of their state-of-the-art technology.
  • Engage with industry experts and innovators.

If you are interested in automation, then you should surely attend this upcoming Automation expo in India.

The Automation expo 2023 was very popular with 39,548 unique visitors, 43,489 footfalls, 503+ stalls and 800+ exhibitors. Similarly, 2024 expo is also supposed to be a very big event.

Why should you be a part of Automation Expo 2024?

1. It enhances industry visibility and brand exposure:

This platform allows you to showcase your brand, products, and services to all the participants or we can say targeted audience. This leads to enhanced brand recognition, better industry visibility, and improved brand exposure all of which leaves a lasting impression.

2. The expo provides multiple networking opportunities:

You can engage with industry professionals, potential customers, investors, and partners during such tech events. It helps you nurture valuable connections and collaborations that can be highly beneficial for your business.

3. It helps you with product launch and demonstration:

When you attend Automation expo, you get to know about new automation technologies, tools, and solutions that can advance your processes and operations. By employing these insights, you can easily perform product launch and demonstration.

4. Offers insights about market research and customer feedback:

The event allows you to collect firsthand feedback and insights from attendees. This feedback is very important to refine your products and marketing strategies. More importantly, you can stay informed about market trends and demands with this information.

5. You can also get lead generation and sales opportunities:

Moreover, this tech expo is helpful in generating high-quality leads and potential customers.  These genuine customers interested in automation solutions can provide you potential sales and revenue growth.

6. One of the best educational and learning experiences:

When you participate in such informative seminars, workshops, and presentations, you can keep yourself updated on industry advancements. You can also transfer these insights and information to your team that will enhance their knowledge and expertise.

Wrapping up

Automation Expo has successfully completed their 16 editions and is continually evolving with the adaptation to the ever-changing landscape of industrial automation. To explore the legacy of this esteemed event, you should attend this event.

The expo celebrates innovation, collaboration, and industry growth year after year. Be a part of this event to honor the past while looking forward to the vast possibilities of the future at Automation Expo.

So, do not miss this chance to network with leading professionals and gain valuable insights into the future of industrial automation.

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