AI and Big Data Expo 2024: Tech Event for a Smarter Future

Hello friends, I hope our articles about technology events are turning out to be very important for you. In my last two articles, I updated you about the most exciting conferences happening in Paris and Ireland respectively. In this article we will explore another exciting technology event.

ai big data expo 2024 santa clara

AI and Big Data Expo 2024 to be held at Santa Clara Convocation Center

As you all know, while living in this tech-driven world, we should be well-versed with all the emerging technical terms. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of such fields which is getting so widespread that many individuals are now very well aware of it. This field is becoming very important due to its ability to learn and perform tasks like humans.

Well, to explore and navigate this ever-evolving technical field, attending events related to AI and Big Data is one of the better options, right? So, in this blog, I will walk you through the world’s leading AI & Big Data event series that will be taking place at the Santa Clara Convention Center, CA in the first week of June. So, mark your calendar for 5th and 6th June 2024 to witness the biggest technology event called AI and Big Data Expo North America.

This event allows all the aspiring technology professionals to explore the latest innovations, implementations, and strategies in AI field. Now, let’s look into what’s inside this AI and Big Data Expo North America.

How AI & Big Data Expo North America is beneficial?

  • This is one of the leading and innovative technology events that underlines the impact of AI on a range of industries.
  • These industries include manufacturing, financial services, transport, supply chain, government, healthcare, legal sectors, energy, insurance, utilities, retail and more.
  • More than 7000 participants and 250 plus speakers are expected to join from around the globe for this expo which presents the best networking opportunity with industry leaders.
  • IT decision makers, heads of innovation, developers & designers, chief data officers, chief data scientists, data analysts, brand managers, start-ups and innovators, tech enthusiasts, c-level executives, and venture capitalists will be part of this big event to either share or gain meaningful insights about AI and Big Data.
  • Attendees can gain valuable insights that are crucial for staying ahead in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Renowned speakers participating in AI & Big Data Expo:

The tech festival involves many distinguished speakers who will share thoughtful insights in the upcoming tech expo taking place in North America. More than 250 speakers will share their unmatched industry knowledge and real-life experiences during this event. They will demonstrate the cutting-edge technologies in the form of solo presentations, expert panel discussions, and friendly chats.

The list of some of the key speakers of the tech expo:

  • Sam Hamilton (Head of Data & AI – Visa)
  • Astha Purohit (Director – Product (Tech) Ops – Walmart)
  • Noorddin Taj (Head of Architecture and Design of Intelligent Operations – BP)
  • Prasanth Nandanuru (VP – Wells Fargo)
  • Temi Odesanya – Director (AI Governance Automation – Thomson Reuters)
  • Rodney Brooks (Professor Emeritus – MIT)
  • Katie Sanders (Assistant Vice President – Tech – Union Pacific Railroad)
  • Aurosish Mishra (Senior Director of Development – Oracle)
  • Ravi Agastyaraju (Director of Software Engineering – The Walt Disney Company)
  • Marty Andolino (VP of Engineering – Capital One)

The major topics that will be covered in the AI and Big Data event:

Being an ideal platform for exploring, discovering, and showcasing the power of AI and Big Data in cutting-edge technologies, it can reshape a myriad of industries. Hence, diverse topics will be covered during this AI conference which includes;

  • Responsible AI
  • Ethical AI
  • AI Led Personalization
  • AI Against Hackers
  • Data Quality Management
  • Data Monetization
  • The Augmented Workforce
  • Enterprise Adoption of AI
  • Building Trust Through Explainability for AI
  • The Rise of AIOp
  • Embracing AI to Drive Digital Transformation

In addition to these major topics of discussion, the tech conference will feature a series of presentations. It highlights a diverse range of topics in AI and Big Data. These presentations focus on exploring the latest innovations, implementations and strategies in the AI across several industries. It offers best opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical strategies from such presentations. The topics range from;

  • How Gen AI Positively Augments Workforce Capabilities
  • Trends in Computer Vision: Applications, Datasets, and Models
  • Getting to Production-Ready: Challenges and Best Practices for Deploying AI
  • Security Challenges in the Era of Gen AI and Data Science
  • Ensuring Your AI is Responsible and Ethical
  • AI for Good: Social Impact and Ethics
  • Mitigating Bias and Promoting Fairness in AI Systems
  • Selling Data Democratisation to Executives
  • Spreading Data Insights across the Business
  • Use of AI to Drive the Growth in Regulated Industry
  • Optimising the Customer Experience with AI
  • Building an MLOps Foundation for AI at Scale
  • Barriers to Overcome- People, Processes, and Technology

Wrapping Up:

AI and Big Data Expo, North America provides an ideal opportunity to explore and discover the practical implementation of AI for your business. It not only focuses on education, networking, and collaboration, but also acts as a beacon for those who are keen to stay at the forefront of technological innovation.

There are various ticket options to choose from including an access to engaging sessions, the lively expo floor, premium tracks featuring industry leaders, VIP networking party, and sophisticated networking app for easy connections ahead of the event.

Get ready to head out to the Santa Clara Convention Center, California to catch the leading AI and Big Data expo!

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